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 Advertise our Server!!

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Advertise our Server!! Empty
PostSubject: Advertise our Server!!   Advertise our Server!! Icon_minitimeMon Dec 17, 2007 7:44 pm

Well as you all know we are short on people to play with and the best thing for our server is to get everyone to hear about us!!
And there is no better way than to advertise for our server than to post our banners and links to our server everywhere you go!!!!!!!!!!!

To do this i have made a premade post for all of those people who want the server to get better!!
Just copy the code inside of the code box and place on almost any forum!! just make sure you ask before you do it we don't want our server getting bad rep!!

[img width=640 height=206]http://img340.imageshack.us/img340/9838/logozy7.jpg[/img]

[size=20pt][b][color=black]Come Visit Us at: http://l2dynasty.co.uk/[/color][/b][/size]

[size=20pt]Why is [b][color=red]Lineage[/color][/b] [color=black][b]][[/b][/color] [b][color=red]Dynasty[/color][/b] The Best 50x interlude Server?[/size]
Because we have the best GM's and Community of any server any where. Our GM's work their hearts out to fix any problem you may expierence, but its not like their are any. We have so many things to keep you interiested:
-Fully working Buffers
-All Grade GM shops
-Announcement NPC
-2 Hour Buffs
-Summon Buffer
-Working Pets System
-Trustworthy GM's
-TVT events done by GM's
-Hide and Seek Events
-Kill The GM events
-Sieges every weekend
-Hero System
-Top 100
-Fully Wroking quests
-Fully working Tattoos
-Automatic Updater
-Custom PVP Areans
-LvL Zones
-Farming Zones
-Shopping Areas
-Online Map
-Actual Online / Offline code
-Fully Working Clan Wars
-Fully Working Clan Buffs
-Wedding System
-Donator system
-Noble System
-Custom War Zones For Clan Wars
[color=black][b]Soon To be implemented[/b][/color]
[color=red]-Dynasty Armor
-Dynasty Weapons
-Epic Armor
-Custom Glows
-Custom Pet[/color]

[size=20pt][b][color=black]Come Visit Us at: http://l2dynasty.co.uk/[/color][/b][/size]

And If you don't Trust Me take a look at our Hopezone Banner:

You can even have a L][ Dynasty Banner for Free:


That should work on most forums Very Happy

And as for our banner i have made a code that so when people click on it it brings them to our website!! IF you could just place it in your banner it would be awesome!!
The code is below!!


I really want to thank anyone who does this its a great thing you are doing for the community and is one of the biggest gifts you can give to the server!!

Thanks to all
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Advertise our Server!!
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